Opening Doors

Building your skills is just the first step. We can also help build your resume and personal brand and provide professional introductions to help you on your way to becoming a leader in the plant-based food movement.


Career Development

The demand for skilled vegan chefs continues to grow and graduates of our programs will be prepared to fill the demand. Graduates can look forward to a potential career as a vegan restaurant chef, caterer, personal chef, consultant, teacher, cookbook author and more.
We’ll help get your foot in the door with a polished resume, brand presence and professional introductions.



A polished resume speaks volumes. We can help showcase your skills and experience in an engaging and thoughtful way. We can also help with suggestions on templates, design and printing.

Personal Branding

These days, a personal brand can make all the difference. We offer consultation on building your own website, establishing a social media presence and sharing your unique voice within the digital space.


Chef Mark and our Instructors have been working as plant-based culinary professionals for years and have connections all over the world. From restaurateurs and chefs to food companies, publishers, caterers and clients needing personal chef services, we can provide professional introductions to help you on your way.

 Internships & Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer as an assistant in our culinary classes?
Are you a college student looking for an internship?

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The teacher training course was fantastic! We learned everything we would need to organize and present a cooking class. After taking turns demonstrating a recipe, I feel very confident that I could teach vegan cooking to either a few friends or a class of strangers in a relaxed and friendly way. As with all of Mark’s classes, it was fun and delicious!

- S.H. Vegan Fusion Teacher Training Student