Everyone is Welcome

As we continue to help people build their vegan culinary skills, we’re also focused on building an abundant, plant-based community to share ideas, support local and national causes and have fun!


Vegan Fusion Community

Join us for lectures, movie screenings, specialty classes, pop-up benefit dinners and more. Stay tuned to our calendar and sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest community happenings.


Would you like to host a community event or present at the academy?
Contact us to learn more.

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Specialty and Lifestyle Classes

Join us for classes in subjects related to a plant-based lifestyle including composting, indoor gardening, toxin-free home care or health and beauty and more.

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Pop Up Dinners

Sit down to a dinner featuring the fabulous vegan creations from our student chefs. Or, join us for a fundraising dinner to support local non-profit organizations.

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Guest Speakers

Fun and informational talks from celebrities, athletes, medical professionals and other top names in the plant-based world.

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Vegan Socials

Connect with local meet-up groups, vegetarian societies and other community organizations for events, happy hours and celebrations.

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Movie Screenings

Grab a seat for our series showcasing the latest documentaries on vegan living, sustainability, environmental concerns and health and wellness.

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Host an Event

Our unique venue offers a perfect place for fundraisers, social events, visiting speakers, educational programs and other gatherings. Contact us to learn more!

"I've been a vegan for 4 years now. I love to cook, but I've been bored because I tend to cook the same things over and over. This class has inspired me! I can't wait to use the book and experiment on my husband and friends. In fact, the main reason I signed up for this class was to learn dishes I could prepare for my carnivore friends and be confident they would like the food."

- A.K. Vegan Fusion Student