A Healthier Bottom Line

Increase employee productivity and engagement through team building and wellness retreats and/or add plant-based recipes and menu items to your offerings.



If you own or manage a restaurant, cafe, natural food store, wellness center, school or other food service setting, Chef Mark has over 25 years experience developing recipes and menus and training chefs to create award winning plant-based cuisine.



Corporate Wellness

Boost your team’s well-being and productiveness with hands-on cooking classes and health and wellness workshops. 




Vegan Fusion’s clients, including Google, Whole Foods, Kroger, Danone and Bon Appetit Management, have already benefited from Chef Mark’s Vegan Fusion training programs. We help companies better understand the personal and professional value of incorporating healthy food choices into their lives. 

Chef Mark has also helped transform many corporate kitchens to include healthy plant-based options, boosting better health and meaningful environmental corporate responsibility. 

The results of these efforts are measurable — happier and more productive employees, healthier habits, environmental benefits and more.

We can help create a targeted plan for your team!

More clients include:

  • Sodexo

  • Atkins Nutritionals

  • Humane Society of the United States

  • Living Well Bistro, Portland, OR

  • Vegetarian Times Magazine

  • The Peninsula Spa, New York, NY

  • Credit Suisse/First Boston, New York, NY

  • Lackmann Culinary Services, New York, NY

  • Pacific Coast Greens, Malibu, CA

  • Aspen’s Explore Bistro, Aspen, CO

  • Full Bloom Vegan Restaurant voted best Vegan Restaurant in Miami

  • Holi Vegan Kitchen and Bar

  • North American Vegetarian Society’s Summerfest

  • Holistic Holiday at Sea

  • Ethos, London, UK

Ken Botts

Director, Food & Nutrition | Humane Society of the United States

“Chef Mark Reinfeld is a culinary genius. There are few chefs in the country that have the expertise in plant-based cuisine that he has. We were working on a big project with a major food service contractor and needed a chef who could develop many plant-based recipes on a tight schedule. Chef Mark created delicious recipes and made it possible for us to complete the project on-time.”


Michael Corradino

District Manager, Bon Appétit Management Company

“Chef Mark Reinfeld just completed a Vegan Fusion training for several of our executive chefs. Mark is an amazing teacher with a great passion for food. I’ve spent my entire culinary career downplaying vegetarian cuisine. My eyes are now wide open. ”

Sharon Graff

Executive Director, North American Vegetarian Society

“Food is a very important part of our annual 5-day vegan conference, Vegetarian Summerfest. We are very fortunate to have Mark Reinfeld as our Executive Chef since 2012. He creates the menu and oversees the preparation of delicious vegan food for over 700 people. He is a talented, organized and professional chef who produces amazing food even with the challenges of feeding so many people.”



“Mark Reinfeld is so talented, he’s the best person I can imagine who has the brilliance, creativity, foresight and guts to make a vegan lifestyle mainstream!”

James Butler

Food and Beverage Manager, Sodexo

“It was a genuine pleasure meeting you and working with you all week. Your recipes are genuinely remarkable and the food you guided our team in producing was fantastic. Our chefs had an eye-opening experience and you have inspired us to make many more plant-forward choices in our menu planning.”


Victor Costlow

GM Sodexo Food Services

“Chef Mark Reinfeld has been working with our staff for the last four years during a week long vegetarian conference- with up to 750 attendees. He is an expert in creating healthy and delicious vegan and raw food cuisine. I highly recommend Chef Reinfeld’s consulting services (both chef training and recipe development) for this increasingly more popular way of eating.”


“Mark Reinfeld is on the cutting edge of healthy dining. This is vegan and raw food cuisine at its finest…”

- Cher